16/Mar/2021 18:00 - 18:30

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AI OpenMaster

The Department offers a broad and diversified choice for graduate studies. Our main educational opportunities hinge on three Master Degrees:

  • Computer Science (coordinator prof. Enrico Blanzieri)
  • Information and Communication Engineering (coordinator prof. Nicola Conci)
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems (coordinator prof. Luigi Palopoli)

During the event, the coordinators of the three Master Degrees’ programs will present the courses, exposing their defining features, their organisation and future job opportunities. The courses will give access to DISI research activities and new DISI laboratories, where the students will have the opportunity to further deepen their knowledge with practical experience.
The Q&A session will receive a large timeframe in the event.

Moderators: Edoardo Meneghini and Alessia Saccardo